Any advice on my ~3 weeks itinerary? (Vietnam + Taiwan)

Hi, I am 27m from Germany and I am currently planning my first solo trip for April/May. So far my thoughts are:

The first 10-12 days I will spend in Hanoi and environment. I will be at a wedding for a couple of days, hang around with some friends a couple of days and visit Haiphong and Halong Bay for a couple of days.

I am not really a big fan of staying there for so long (especially since I have already been there last year), but since one of my best friends is marrying I guess I will pull through it.

Afterward, I was planning on flying to Saigon for 5 – 7 days. I wanted to see Mui Ne and Mekong Delta as well during this time.

Last stop before heading home would be Taiwan for 5-7 days too. Not much planned here: 2-3 days (max.) Taipeh (seeing Tamsui especially). I wanted to see Jiufen (only heard good things about it). Not a lot planned here. So any advice would be great, too.

Do you think 3 weeks would be manageable with a budget of around 1300€? I almost dont have to pay any accommodations in Hanoi, thanks to my friend(s).

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  • pepinomelon

    I don’t know what you like, but Taipei has many hidden art spots: I particularly like Treasure Hill (artist village in an old military settlement), five five south village (flea market close to Taipei 101 on Sundays, you can grab a bagel at Good Cho’s nearby, they’re great). Dadaocheng pier and Bopiliao old street are also very pretty. I second Jiufen, it’s very picturesque and easily reachable by bus. If you want to do another day trip from the capital you can look into Sanxia, Shifen/Pingxi (famous for lanterns and waterfall), or Keelung. If you have a few more days you could visit ine of the following:
    – Taichung (there is a Rainbow Village) and the nearby Gaomei wetlands and Sun Moon Lake
    – Alishan mountain to catch the sunrise
    – Tainan, also quite interesting, it’s ancient and there are many temples scattered around town. Supposedly has the best food of the whole country
    – Kaoshung and Kenting
    – Taidong

    All these trips can be done over 3 days and 2 nights. I was studying in Taiwan so the only time I had free to travel were the weekends, each of the above was a weekend trip and we always managed to squeezed in all that we wanted to see. Train travel in Taiwan is easy and fast, but if you are going to the South you might want to take a high speed train.

    Safe travels!! 🙂

  • AshleyKang

    * I’m not sure if you included plane tickets in your budget but the budget is more than do-able. I spent an average of $50 per night in Vietnam including accom, food and tour costs. Taiwan gets a little more expensive.

    * *Hanoi:* Consider visiting Sapa for 2 nights three days if you are staying that long in Hanoi, but check weather first. It will be a cold and rainy during this time but the scenery is not to be missed.
    * *HCMC:* Mekong Delta tours are…ok. Try to find a tour where you could maybe homestay at locals and will get you imbedded into Mekong Delta. Considerably less to do around HCMC than Hanoi.
    * *Taiwan:* There are day bus tours that take you around Jiufen, Houtong, Yehliu and more. I found the tour very handy because I didn’t have to worry about sorting my transport out. Beitou hot springs are good. 5-7 days for Taiwan is perfect imo.

  • OMGTaxi

    I personally would make Taipei your base then do day trips from there; I did a loop around the island and found there were barely any other travelers at hostels and at one I was the only person there! There is a day trip you can do, I believe the company is called KKdays(or something similar). This company offers bus day trips to different places with a guide as well! I found it easier then trying to navigate the trains or buses myself. Outside of Taipei I also found English wasn’t widely spoken so google translate would be your best friend. Have fun!

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