Anyone going from Kansas City to Dallas soon? I’ll pay you to transport my dog in his crate.

Hi everyone,
I need some help to get my dog, a ten months old Husky x Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, to Dallas soon. I made the mistake of trusting a family member with my dog when I couldn’t take care of him and now he’s giving me until March 10th to get him out of his house or he’s selling my pup…

He has his own crate but it’s a pretty big one: 40x27x30 inches, with the option of dividing it into two and putting it in the trunk or the back sit. The door frame needs to be average or above in size for the crate to go in the back seat.

Money is tight but I love my dog more than anything; I’m open to negotiating the payment.

Thanks guys!

Edit: Here’s the beast: https://imgur.com/a/p450fcu

I have two options:
1) Round trip Kansas City-Paris. I pay for the flights, you check in my dog with your luggage and present his passport along with yours at the counter. No visa needed for American or Mexicana citizens.
2) Ground transportation from KC to Dallas, then round trip Dallas-Paris offered to a second person (if no one from KC can fly to Paris on short notice).

Travel dates would be: departure between Feb 25 and March 10, return to the US any day of March. If several people can go to Paris, I’ll put on top of my list those who can travel the earliest.

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