Bigfooted onebaggers, are there any decent packable sneakers you’ve found?

I have size 16 shoes, and can mayyybe squeeze into 15’s on a good day. Has anyone found decent packable sneakers in these sizes, or do most of you just roll with the one pair of sneakers due to the size issue? Ideally I’d wear my boots most of the time and slip into the minimal sneakers for working out on the go, but I’m thinking I might just have to suck it up and roll with the regular sneakers full time.

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  • youandyourpotatoes

    Black Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Low Top.

    It is the most versatile shoe ever.

    Hear me out.

    You are on your way to a metal concert, wearing your torn jeans and a faded black band shirt? Chucks are your go-to-shoe. They look scruffy enough and adapt just fine to your wardrobe.

    You are on your way to your girlfriend‘s parents, meeting them for the first time?
    Wear your polished Chucks with khakis and a blue dress shirt. Casual but not too casual.

    Chucks with mundane blue denim? Yes.

    Chucks combined with sweatpants on a plane? Yes.

    At about $50, they come at a very much OK price.

    They fit in your suitcase/backpack just fine as the canvas is not stiff but practically “collapses” onto the sole.

    You lose your Chucks or they get stolen or whatever? Every city of +50,000 people will have a place that can provide you with a replacement pair.

    Plus they are vegan.

  • ahedderly

    I would like to second the recommendation by u/youandyourpotatoes , but by adding the caveat that Converse now makes a couple types of Waterproof Chuck Taylor. They make a winterized version with a neoprene lining for warmth and comfort (I’ve had a pair for about 2 weeks now and they’re wonderful), and they also make a Gore-Tex version. I think the Gore-Tex Chucks would be just about the perfect packable travel shoe if they’re anywhere near as waterproof as every other Gore-Tex boot I’ve ever owner.

  • guysiah

    Yes good suggestions here. I couldn’t imagine having such big feet! Again if you can do 15’s, them barefoot shoes may accommodate you. For reference, in normal shoes I am a size 9, but in Converse and barefoot shoes I’m a size 8. Another brand worth checking(because they actually stock 15’s), is Merrell. The Vapor Glove is their minimalist/barefoot shoe, and they cost a bit less than Vivobarefoot.

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