Concerns over slight discolouration on passport biodata page

I am flying to India on the 16th February and I have noticed that I have some slight discolouration on my UK passport which expires in July 2020 so its pretty old.

The discolouration is a slight brown/yellowish tint on the bottom of the biodata page less than half a centimetre from the bottom of the passport in landscape orientation so below those two lines of numbers/letters which are still easily readable. There is a slighter darker brown discolouration towards the top left hand corner as well which is again around half a centimetre from the corner but which goes over the ‘U’ (still easily readable) where it says ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’. The rest of the biodata page is in good condition such as the photo, chip, passport details etc.

There is slightly worse brown discolouration on the back cover where the ‘Emergencies’ details are from the bottom right corner in portrait orientation which covers less than a quarter of that back cover. I am not sure how relevant this is as this is empty on my passport. I have attached a link to some images below.

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I may be being a bit paranoid but should I be worried about my passport being rejected at the various airports (Birmingham, Dubai, India) whilst I am travelling.

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