Looking for a duty bag

Hi folks. I am looking for a backpack big/strong enough to be used on my duty days. It will need to be able to carry a set of work cloths (thick coveralls), work boots, toiletries, and a laptop. It will need to be pretty rugged, as I usually blow through bags fairly quickly. I’m not really looking for a “tactical” look, but I’m also not looking for a minimalist design.

Thank you all in advance!

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  • brp

    Red Oxx should have what you want.

    Check out the backpacks selection.

    My Air Boss bag is tough as nails and has been checked dozens of times with no real wear.

  • FlippinFlags

    GoRuck used to make bags without the tactical molle and may still do

    Search slick bags they may still make but not sure..

    or SD20 or SD”something” else these are discontinued I think but you can sometimes find them on eBay.

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