Maui Hawaii in May (21/F)

Hi everyone! This will be my first international travel without parents or on a school trip. I will be going down with a couple friend in May of this year (2019). I’ll be there for roughly 7-9 days depending on flights. Accommodations are cheap as we are staying in my friends family’s condo for only $300 per person for the whole time (i.e a one time payment, not daily). I have already checked a couple of flights and got an estimate on how much it will cost (flying from Atlantic Canada).

I’ve estimated how much this trip will cost me with everything included and it comes roughly to $2000-$2500 with some extra spending money added in and roughly 75$-100$ a day for food and activities.

I’m just wondering if there are some must see and do’s while in Maui and if there are things I can avoid or cut completely out of the trip to save some cash?

I haven’t decided if it’s worth it to rent a car (I’m 21 so it will be an extra 24$ young driver charge on top) or to just Uber where I/we need to go. I’ve never used Uber as we don’t have it here in Atlantic Canada.

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  • Shiggens

    Seeing the island using Uber will be expensive even if it is possible. In my opinion you need a car if you want to see the island.

    You will want to see Haleakala, but skip the hassle of trying to view a sunrise from the top. Reservations are needed and the weather is unpredictable. Sometimes it is totally socked in. Sunset is a better bet. You can usually tell (visually) what the weather is going to be at the top for the sunset. Either way the top can get rather cold so beach clothes won’t make it

    Oheo Gulch is part of the National Park and the trip there is down the Hana Highway. If you head down there get a very early start to avoid the traffic. Count on being at Paia about sunrise at the latest. It is a tough drive and if you try to drive down and back in one day you will be exhausted and won’t have time to linger at any of the beautiful opportunities. I don’t suppose you are planning on doing any camping, but the best plan would include an overnight stay at the campgrounds at Oheo Gulch. Otherwise I don’t know what to suggest on a budget.

    Don’t spoil your vacation by getting a sunburn and the sun is more intense than you would guess. Sunscreen and lots of it. You will probably disregard this advice and wish you hadn’t… Some beaches have guards and some don’t. Ask the guards for advice and follow then follow it. The ocean is a powerful beast and can kill you without a second thought. Tourists and locals die every year- even the strongest swimmers.

    It is a beautiful place, but keep your head in the game regarding your gear and your personal safety. Try not to have valuables in your car. If you must leave valuables in the car lock them in the trunk before you get to the parking lot at the beaches.

    Have a good time but don’t forget the sunscreen.

  • newcatoldschoolfeel

    Use the app Turo to rent a car!!! I found it on total accident when I went to Oahu and saw prices fto rent a car for people in their 20’s was fucking insaine.

    I was able to get a rinky dink (but fully functional) saturn for $28/ day. Can’t beat it

  • big_redwood

    I’ve been to Maui twice, last time 17 years ago, so I’m no expert, but some of my favorite places were


    Top of Haleakala (It’s like being on the surface of another planet)

    Road to Hana, This one you will need a car for sure, as you’ll want to stop a bunch a long the way…

    * Waterfalls
    * Waianapanapa Black San Beach
    * Seven Sacred pools at Ohe’o

    Iao Valley State Park

    Snorkeling at Molokini Crater


    There are plenty of great beaches, only some are suitable for snorkeling, so if you want to snorkel make sure you check into that before heading out.


    Whether or not you need a car depends on how much of the island you want to check out. It’s not a small island, and driving from the airport, to the west side of the island, takes anywhere from like 30-45 minutes. Driving to Hana, seeing the sights, and driving back is an all day trip.


    If you’re staying out near Lahaina, and just want to chill and check out the various beaches out there, then you don’t need a car.


    I think if you are staying anywhere else on the island, you are going to want a car for at least a few days.


    Personally, I would get a car for at least 3 of your days there.


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  • hafree27

    If one of your party has a Costco card, grab some food and booze there to save a lot of money. Of course you’ll still want to go out but having less expensive options will help stretch your money.

  • Dindi_88

    Rent snorkel gear for entire week you are there. Molokini is a popular snorkeling spot but you have to book a boat to go out there. There is amazing snorkeling at a lot of the beaches along the Lahaina/Kaanapali shoreline. There is lots of turtles and snorkeling on the south beaches around the Wailea area.

    Food can be expensive, so Costco is a great idea! Some of the nicer restaurants have great lunches and happy hour specials, it’s a great way to enjoy the views and an amazing meal for a cheaper price.

    Maui Ocean Vodka distillery is cool, beautiful views and vodka tasting.

    Maui Tropical plantation and The Mill House (same place) is beautiful!!

    I go twice a year, my daughter (25) lives there. I’ll try to add more recommendations as I think of them. Have fun and make sure you have a couple days of just relaxing on the beach.

  • kayakhero5

    Thanks so much! I have my own snorkelling gear that I planned on taking with me but my friends will need their own and I hadn’t thought of that lol.

    I love alcohol and everything to do with in (in a business sense not a black out sense) and here where I live I’ve worked on many vineyards. Is there some vineyards/wineries you would recommend? I’d loved to see the difference in wine making in such a difference micro climate!

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