On my way home from my first solo!

I’m at the Vienna airport right now coming home at the end of my first solo trip! I just want to thank everyone on this sub for all of the encouragement, tips, and everything.

I went to Vienna, Prague, Olomouc, Krakow, and Budapest and took day trips to Zakopane and Salzburg. It was a really awesome experience for me, and I figured I’d share some highlights and things I learned.

* All I should’ve booked were flights and a place to stay for New Years. Since it was my first solo, I wanted to do a little more planning, but the extra flexibility would’ve been nice.
* I should’ve packed twice as many pairs of underwear and socks as shirts, so that they would all be dirty at the same time and I could get all of my laundry done at once.
* Big chain hostels (like Wombats Naschmarkt in Vienna) are much harder to meet people in than smaller ones with more common spaces and group activities (like Greg and Tom in Krakow and Hostel One in Budapest, which were both awesome!).
* Budget a day in each city to just roaming around, eating street food, seeing sights, and maybe doing walking tours without doing any museums, etc. Walking around really helped me get to know the places I was in.
* The people in the hostels that you stay in can make or break your time there. Meet them.

Again, thanks so much for all of the pointers and I can’t wait for my next solo!!

Edit: I’m a there/their/they’re moron

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  • PetrichorBySulphur

    Congrats! Welcome to your new addiction 🙂 The flexibility piece is a good one to embrace — I’m writing this from a bus to Stockholm, which I booked last minute because I was ready to leave Umea. I’ve pretty much winged every trip I’ve taken to some degree, and I’ve always gotten some great side adventures from that flexibility. The only things I had to book were flights and lodging over NYE, and some activities.

  • itstheoneandonly69

    Doing Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna and Prague in May! It’ll be my first solo travel as well so I too feel the need to book hostels, even train tickets, in advance. (I booked a hostel today for 5 days in Budapest, it was a good price). I’ll be in Europe for a total of 21 days.

    Did you manage to make good enough friends that you did things with them while you were there, like seeing sights together for example, or going out at night?

    Would you say the day trips to other locations in Austria are worth it? I’m thinking of spending less time in Bratislava and dedicating it to potentially visiting other locations in Austria, but I guess I have a lot of anxiety of whether I’ll be able to figure out how to get around. I have this fear that I won’t be able to figure out the transit systems and how to navigate these foreign countries, even though I take public transport all the time where I live, but it’s very familiar to me, and have the internet. ANYWAYS,

    Also feel free to drop any food recommendations. Did you have a Hungarian goulash and a Wiener schnitzel?

  • roarnoobz

    I am planning to travel to europe solo as well in June , going to spend 2.5 weeks and the cities I am interested in are primarily Amsterdam , Barcelona , Madrid and Budapest … But i only have 2.5 weeks and I am not sure if i have enough time to add in additional cities! 🙁

  • jll387

    Congrats on your first solo trip! How long were you in each city, if you don’t mind my asking. I’m planning to do Prague-Vienna-(1 night in Bratislava)-Budapest and am still getting a feel for how to divy up time next week.

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