Osprey Manta AG 36 under seat?

Does anyone have first-hand experience taking their Manta 36 onto a flight as a personal item and fitting it under the seat? The frame is like 21-22″ long which seems too long but wonder if some of the budget airlines like Spirit and Frontier would check/care.

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  • AHumbleChef

    It depends how you pack it. Length wise, it fits just fine. If you throw all your shit in it and it’s too turtle-y, no dice. It will fit overhead just fine though.

    Source: backpacking through Europe right now and the wife is rocking a manta 36.

  • JewishDan18

    I’m not sure how to describe it, but the main issue I had is actually getting it down under the seat, not it fitting there. As you put it down, the seat in front of you constrains it from the top, and your seat and the floor contain it from the bottom, leading to an interesting geometry problem. I found that the small size was barely short enough to clear your seat before the seat in front of you forced it too low.

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