Packing List Critique for Indefinite Travel

Hey r/onebag! I’ve been lurking here for a while in preparation for my upcoming trip but now I’m looking for some feedback on my pack list. Please let me know if I’m forgetting anything or if there’s potential for me to drop something!

# Trip Details

I currently live in the United States and will be moving to the Mediterranean for a new job. For the first few months I’m planning to stay in a number of different Air BnBs, hotels and hostels as I get to know the different areas and decide which part of town I want to rent an apartment in. I also want to use this opportunity to travel around mainland Europe as much as possible. I plan to only bring only a backpack so that moving around is hassle free.

# Pack List


|Backpack|[Jansport Big Student Backpack](|1||
|Packing Cubes|[Gonex Compression Cubes](|3|Still playing around with which cubes to bring|
|Passport|US Passport|1||
|Tech Storage|[S2S 1L Dry Bag](|1||
|Laundry Bag|[S2S 8L Dry Bag](|1|Used to store dirty clothes and do laundry|
|Toiletry Bag|Old Toiletry Bag|1|I’ve had this forever and don’t have much of a need to upgrade|
|Towel|[REI Multi Towel Lite Large](|404_187563|1275040003|none|b338e7c1-a290-411b-85d0-5911ddea3486|aud-363396065244:pla-454084739698&lsft=cm_mmc:PLA_Google_LIA|404_187563|1275040003|none|b338e7c1-a290-411b-85d0-5911ddea3486&kclid=b338e7c1-a290-411b-85d0-5911ddea3486&gclid=Cj0KCQiA4aXiBRCRARIsAMBZGz9GayONER8rcqcKCxC5cSnXKw1EPipA8yWytLoB1Q4fIzJWTtmjHEUaAm-OEALw_wcB)|1||
|Clothesline|[S2S Lite Line Clothesline](|1||
|Sunglasses|Rx Sunglasses|1||
|Glasses Case|RL Case|1|Case for regular glasses|
|Tissues|Small Travel Tissues|2||
|Day Pack|[HikePro 20L](|1|I’m torn on bringing this. Sounds like a good idea but I’m not sure how often it will actually be used|
|Lock|[TravelMore Cable Lock](|2|Another item that I’m unsure about how much use it will get|
|Spoon|[Bamboo spoon](|1||
|**CLOTHES (Packed)**||||
|T Shirt|[Icebreaker Tech Lite SS Crew Black](|1||
|T Shirt|[Uniqlo Airism SS Crew Navy](|1||
|Dress Shirt|Croft and Barrow Easy Care Shirt Red|1||
|Dress Shirt|[Tailorbyrd Sport Shirt Blue Gingham](|1||
|Dress Shirt|[JCrew Destination Slim Fit Stretch Dress Shirt](|1||
|Dress Shirt|[Uniqlo Easy Care Checked Stretch](|1||
|Socks|Darn Tough|3|These socks are great but bulky. Any thoughts on how many to bring?|
|Socks|[Bamboo Socks](|1|Lightweight pair of black socks|
|Underwear|[Calvin Klein Modal Trunk](|2||
|Underwear|[Uniqlo Airism](|2||
|Underwear|[Uniqlo Airism Mesh](|2|Still deciding on how many pairs of underwear to bring. Thoughts or advice?|
|Top Baselayer|[Uniqlo Heattech Extra Warm LS Shirt](|1||
|Bottom Baselayer|[Uniqlo Heattech Extra Warm Long Johns](|1||
|Shorts|[Adidas Climacool Regista 16 Shorts](|1|Plan to use for working out and swimming|
|Pants|[Bluffworks Khaki Chino Tailored Fit](|1|For work|
|Sneakers|Nike Running Shoes|1|For running|
|Sandals|[Xero DIY Sandals](|1||
|Rain Jacket|[REI Rainier Rain Jacket](|1||
|**CLOTHES (WORN)**||||
|T Shirt|Hanes SS Crew Gray|1||
|Dress Shirt|[Wool&Prince Gray Button Down](|1||
|Socks|Darn Tough|1||
|Underwear|[ExOfficio 3″ Mesh Trunks](|1||
|Jeans|[Levi’s 512 in The Run](|1||
|Belt|Dockers Reversible Belt|1||
|Boots|[Clark’s Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot in Beeswax](|1||
|Puffy Jacket|[Amazon Essentials Packable Down Jacket in Black](|1||
|Beanie|[Minus33 Merino Beanie](|1||
|Gloves|[Minus33 Merino Gloves](|1||
|Watch|[Timex Weekender](|1||
|Phone|Pixel 2 w/ [Wallet Case](|1|Wallet case can fit debit, credit and ID|
|Headphones|[Bluetooth Headphones](|1||
|Adapter|[Card Travel Adapter 4-Pro](|1||
|Power bank|[Anker PowerCore 10000 mAh](|1||
|Cord|USB to USB C|1|For Phone|
|Cord|USB to uUSB|1|For headphones and power bank|
|Beard Trimmer|Philips MultiTrim|1|I’m not sure what model this is but a smaller one charged with USB would be nice. I’ll be using it to cut my hair as well as trim my beard|
|Razor|Harry’s Razor|1||
|Toe Clippers|Generic|1||
|Contacts|Rx|10|I’ll be bring 10 pairs of Dailies with me. I think this will be enough since I don’t wear contacts very often|
|Soap|[Dr Bonner’s Bar Soap](|1|Used as soap, shampoo and laundry detergent|
|Soap Holder|[Coghlan’s Soap Holder](|1||
|Toothpaste|3oz Toothpaste|1||
|Deodorant|Old Spice Stick|1||


Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide!

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  • Gravity--

    If you forgot to bring something, you can pick it up in Europe. Enjoy your time and don’t sweat it over a packing list. You’ll tune your list over time anyways so it’s going to change based on your needs.

  • FromTheIsle

    While I had one of those jansport bags as a kid and it lasted forever, I dont think it would be very comfortable under load. Are you willing to expand your budget on a bag at all?

    Does all that stuff fit in the bag or are you currently working on purchasing all those items?

    Edit: after looking at the list again I was including all your worn clothing into packed clothing. I guess I could see all that stuff fitting with the help of packing cubes. But that style pack I know personally would not carry due to the way it hangs off the body and droops under load.

  • trailbrew

    I think you have too much clothing. You could at the very least do with one less dress shirt and one less pair of underwear. I follow a 3:2 rule (three tops and two bottoms).

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