Portable Monitor for Surface Pro 6

I do a lot of remote work and have really enjoyed my Surface Pro 6 (i5)

I would love to expand with a portable monitor preferably 15.6″ or smaller (to be similar size to the surface).

I’ve looked at a lot of options on Amazon but can’t seem to find the perfect mix or what would work best. I was hoping to get some other opinions or suggestions.

It would be used as the second monitor for spreadsheets, web browsing, watching our monitoring software etc
Nothing graphic intensive but a good resolution would be nice.
Ideally it is touchscreen and would work with the surface pen.

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  • krejd

    I wanted to get a one some time ago too. The best one on the market I found was Asus ZenScreen. I think it’s the best one you can get. There’s always a “but” though. I didn’t decide to buy it because it’s a bit too dim for my liking. Also, I decided I can live perfectly fine with just my laptop screen.

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