• CouldOfBeenPolice

    Good question, OP. In my experience, saying anything more than 1 to 2 weeks invites questions about what I do for a living.

    I usually say 4 weeks or so, and that I work for myself and can take extended breaks. But I worry about follow-on questions about whether I plan to work while in the country. Or worse, like a search of my phone/messages that show a history work-related activities. I know it’s paranoid. Neither has happened yet.

    But besides intent to work, like OP, I wonder if they can pull up my history of stated number of days vs. actual number of days stayed. In “the old days” where it was all verbal, I didn’t worry. But more countries are moving to electronic questionnaires (e.g., EU) so it becomes a *lot* easier to pull up history. Would love to hear from anyone who knows about immigration policies (vs. anecdotal experiences).

  • develop99

    I always wonder about this question as well. If I say multiple months (but within tourist visa limits), what questions will I get?

    Conversely, if I say a week or two but might want to stay longer, is there a chance they will only stamp a month into my passport visa?


  • xqqqybox

    Thanks folks. For example, my passport is visa free and I can stay in the country 90 days with my passport. On the border I will say 3 weeks, NOT filled out questionnaire about 3 weeks, just voice conversation with an officer. I will receive standart stamp without limits, so possible stay 90 days. After 3 weeks I decided stay additional 6 weeks. If somebody have a problem when leaving the country?
    For example “Why you stay days more than your voice confirmation”? I think, if existing this question, it means officer write down in database you conversation.

  • DougA99

    I got into an argument in Glasgow a few years back. We were in Scotland just a few nights, then flying to Dublin. Basically, we saved a few hundred on a flight that was on sale by going to Scotland first. I had filled the form asking how many days we’d be in the UK as 2 days and that caused a problem but since I signed it, it needed to be true.

    Luck would have it that we got the agent who seemed to be giving everyone a hard time. Things got a bit testy when I said that we flew to Scotland because it saved us a bunch of money. Then when she heard that we were going to Dublin after, she then crossed off the 2 days on the form and said that we were in the UK much longer. I replied, ” We’re going to Dublin not Belfast. Dublin is not in the UK, it’s in Ireland”. Things got much worse until the agent beside her leaned over to me and said that Ireland was part of the UK security zone. How was I to know that? Why didn’t the form ask that? It’s a legal immigration form, you’d think it would be accurate.

    In the end, apart from a nasty border agent, we loved Scotland and plan to return.

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