Save money while surprising my friend

I’m going on a trip next week to Scotland, to surprise my best friend. I’m staying with her family (I’ve coordinated with her mum) so will be saving on accommodation.

I’m currently unemployed and while I have a little wiggle room, I’d prefer to spend as little as possible while I’m there.

I’m currently job hunting so have to be cautious about what I’m spending. I’m planning on temping when I get back, but my boyfriend and I are also moving into our first apartment, so with the flat deposit, admin and referencing fees, and any other charges they conjure out of mid air, things will be more stretched than I’d like.

Any suggestions for how I can keep costs minimal? Obviously I still want to be able to have a good time without going crazy.

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  • slhopper

    The joy is in the friendship, not the activities. You and your friend will be so happy to be together that whatever you do will be fun. Parks, museums, window shopping at a mall, watching a great movie on Netflix that you can talk about or laugh about after, taking pics together, cooking together… don’t have to spend money to have fun. I hope you have a wonderful visit.

  • digigal99

    The UK has Groupon.co.uk and tastecard.co.uk (£1 trial) for steep discounts (usually 50% off) on eating out and activities for two. Your friend will probably appreciate it, too. Have fun!

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