Suggestion for backpack for me, a tween and teen 2 weeks in Europe

Any suggestions for a backpack for me (adult male), a tween son and teen daughter. Planning on London, Paris and Italy. Would like to avoid any additional fees during travel due to luggage and something that we could pack everything in and/or break out to have a day pack with basic stuff? I don’t think I need to carry anything daily other than water, food and camera?

Are these too small? Any better suggestions? Are these going to be too large for a tween/teen?





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  • NullR6

    Are you asking about these as your main bag or as a packable daypack you’ll use when leaving your clothes back at your home base?

    Keep in mind that these locations are all places with ready access to supplies and amenities. It’s OK to gamble that you won’t need a particular item and buy it there if you’re wrong.

  • snowflake25911

    The 20L seems a bit small… generally I’d suggest a bit bigger if you’re a first time one bagger. 25-35L is a good range. Make sure to keep them under 7kg (10 if you know the airlines will allow it).

    The quality of the bags worries me a bit – a $15 backpack? I dunno. You don’t have to spend $100+ as many people here do (they go on multiple or extended trips), but a travel bag calls for a bit more than $15. Maybe set a budget of $30-50 and go buy it in person so that you can look at it beforehand?

  • DuckHeels

    I have the HikePro backpack and use it as a daypack that I can stash easily in my main bag. It’s ok for that, but it’s too flimsy for a travel pack. My 12 year old’s school backpack is sturdier and bigger.

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