I mainly want to see temples and end Thailand with a Sak Yant (recommendations would be awesome). Is there anything in this itinerary you would change?

Day 1 – land in BKK @ 1 AM

Day 2 – Bangkok

Day 3 – Bangkok

Day 4 – Land in Chiang Mai @ 6 PM

Day 5 – Chiang Mai

Day 6 – Chiang Mai

Day 7 – Land in Phuket @ noon

Day 8 – Phuket

Day 9 – Phuket

Day 10 – Phuket

Day 11 – Phuket

Day 12 – Land in Bangkok @ 10 AM

Day 13 – Land in Siem Reap @ 8 PM

Day 14 – Siem Reap

Day 15 – Siem Reap morning/Land in Bangkok @ 10PM and leave to go back home.

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  • ur2fat4u

    You seem to be spending a lot of time in Phuket. Any particular reason why? Phuket is nice but if you’re looking to do some R&R then I say take the ferry to Koh Phi Phi and stay there for two nights.

  • Eskimo_Brothers

    I like temples dont get me wrong. But once you have seen one or two? Im good. I loved Thailand and Cambodia though. Happy Pizza in Siem Reap is my favorite place to chill. I could spend a couple of weeks there sipping on weed smoothies and pizza. Seriously good time no matter what you do. Hard to go wrong. Good luck, hope you have a blast.

  • ooohmaria

    I did mine in Sak Yant Chiang Mai in the old city. Definitely recommend this place, was amazing. You have to book in advance though.
    Also if you find yourself with extra days in the north go check out Pai, it’s around 3,5h (minivan) from Chiang Mai. I planned on staying 2 nights end up spending a week there and still was hard to leave.
    Safe travels!

  • 3rd_in_line

    Fly direct from Phuket to Siem Reap. Phuket Airport is an hours travel time away from Patong Beach, so you will need to leave early. The Air Asia direct flight does leave at 6am (yeah, I know), but it is cheap and you will get to have a full day there instead of wasting your day traveling/transiting.

    4 full days in Phuket is okay – you will do a few day trips, plus no doubt some partying.

  • mnotme

    I would move all Bangkok days to the end of the trip. I rather have a long and taxing first travel day than a long last travel day.

    If it your first time in Chiang Mai try to be there saturday and sunday for the night markets.

    Add a day to Siem Reap.

    Something like this: BKK/Siem Reap -> Chiang Mai -> Phuket -> Bangkok


    This is an incredibly generic itinerary and I think you’re spending way too much time at airports and in Phuket. I would entirely omit Phuket as it’s really only good for booze and prostitution. I would cut out flights to and from Chiangmai and take the train, it’s cheaper and more enjoyable.

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