Tortuga Setout vs Peak Design Travel Review, Please…

I am in the market for a new travel bag. Currently, I am using the Minaal (original version). The Minaal has served me really well in the past years. My wife likes it, and she is claiming it as hers. Also, the Minaal is a bit too small for me now and I am looking for a new slightly bigger bag. That’s why Tortuga Setout and Peak Design Travel are the two bags I am considering.

I was about to purchase Tortuga Setout lest year, but it was out of stock. Then the Peak Design came out. And it looks really good too. I have watched and read the reviews online. They are both looking fantastic. The Setout seems a bit more minimalist. Kind of like a suitcase on your back with the softer sidewall. While Peak Design seems a bit more structured. I would buy packing cubes that are designed especially for any of them.

I usually carry a five-day worth of cloth, a MacBook Pro 15, an Ipad Pro 9.7, a book, a sketchbook, a Leica M with three lens, chargers, a power bank, a small watercolor kit, pens, travel item such as passport, wallet and so on. I do not carry a lot of toiletries since I mostly stay in hotels or Airbnb.

Does anyone have a chance to review both of these bags? Or have any opinion on them?

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  • nipemapeal

    I can’t comment on Peak Design bag, but I had Setout and took it for a three month long trip. My experience was not great. Stitches on one of the straps gave out partially and I had to be careful carrying it around. Lack of load lifters was fairly obvious right away. Another issue I had was that it was way easy to make that bag 12″-14″ deep. Yes on paper it might be 22x14x9 but in reality it’s 22x14x14. You can fit a ton, but it might be too big for the overhead compartment and your limit is 10kg or less anyway. PackHacker on youtube has more objective review than Chase Reeves (much more entertaining) .


    To Tortuga’s credit. They shipped me a new one which I promptly sold and got Topo Designs Travel Bag 40L. Without going into too much detail, for my money Topo is a superior bag.

  • GreenwoodsUncharted

    I have reviewed the Setout and love it, but have not got my hands on a Peak Designs yet. That said, I think that you are right on point. If you want a more open bag with a bit more space and flexibility for modular packing, then go with the Tortuga.

    On the other hand, if the structure of the Peak Designs fits your needs perfectly, then that is a great choice as well.

    Personally, I value the flexibility of a bag like the Setout, but everyone’s needs are different.

  • mountainunicycler

    I’ve never seen that peak design in person, but if it’s built anything like their everyday pack it’s worth considering. My everyday pack has been around the world and looks like it came new in the box yesterday.

  • virtualchuta

    I haven’t seen a single Peak Design Travel in real life. Is the bag too new to be out and about by travelers? Or is no one using it other than the reviewers? LOL.

    I am based in Bangkok and Venice. I was so sure that I would spot someone using the Peak Design Travel around here.

  • skittay

    Hey! I was considering the Setout and/or Divide as well. After reading through this thread, I’ve ordered the Peak Travel.

    Geez this sounds like I’m advertising. I went with it for the accessories bundle + a friend raves about the everyday bag. I don’t mind answering questions or whatever when I get it.

  • ivchillin

    Had the Peak for a week now, just ordered the Setout. I’ll comment back in a few days when I get to dive into the Tortuga a bit. My rec is to get both test them yourself and return the one you don’t like, Setout is free returns and shipping in the US, and same with Peak through REI

  • NomadingEveryday

    I can speak on the peak design bag! It’s GREAT. I also had to decide between the two bags and peak design won because of the simplicity of the bag and all the features also it just looks so much sexier than the setout.

    When I packed the peak design bag up I was amazed on how much I could fit inside with room to spare. What ultimately sold me was the ability to collapse and expand when needed.

    Unfortunately I have to sell my new peak design backpack before I ever get to use it. Check out the listing!

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