Tulum vs Isla Mujeres vs Zihuatanejo for a few weeks for a single/solo guy traveler?

i’d like to get away to a nice mexican town, perhaps with a Bohemian feel for a few weeks. i’m recently single, in my mid 30’s and need a nice getaway. i’ll be travelling on my own and would stay in either air bnb or a small family run hotel/b&b. on the beach would be ideal, but i know that may be more expensive.


i’ve been to Sayulita and really liked the vibe, however I did get a little sick while i was there, so i’d like to try somewhere else.


i’m in the Pacific North west, so flights wise I can get to the 3 options i’ve listed with direct flights (around 6hrs), which is one of the reasons i narrowed down to these 3 options. I also do like yoga, and i’m a big fan of beachside drinks, and trying delicious restaurants.


I’d love your thoughts/suggestions 🙂



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  • red1591

    Tulum is gorgeous! Great food/cool boutique places to stay on the water and you can find ones that aren’t super fancy or pricey. We stayed at a really secluded small hotel with a private beach, and were able to walk to other hotels with similar vibes. I think Tulum also has places to stay that focus on yoga and things like that…I’d look into it!!

  • negrobill

    To be honest, I never got the hype of Tulúm. The city is okay but the biggest problem I have with it is that the culture has been completely stripped away from the city. What’s left are expensive bars and Italian restaurants owned by expats. On the outskirts of town, you see a very different Tulum, one ravaged by poverty and jaded citizens.

    I’ve traveled extensively in Mexico and it is perhaps my favorite country to travel to. I am proficient in Spanish. In Tulúm, at a restaurant, I ordered in Spanish. It was the first and only time in my life that someone from Mexico laughed in my face for practicing in Spanish.

    Just my 2 cents

  • Lady_S

    Tulum is a full-on resort town now. I would highly recommend Isla Holbox – 6 hour bus ride from Cancun. Or something like Merida, or Puerto Escondidos (no easy way to get there, but that’s why it’s not super crowded.

  • TC-Douglas44

    I loved Manzanillo and will go back there in the near future. Colima and Comala were fantastic as well but not coastal communities. But for something smaller and relaxed my recommendation would be to drive one hour outside of Manzanillo in any direction. If I can give context for Manzanillo- it’s where wealthy import/export Mexicans now go to vacation, if you catch my drift both figuratively and literally.

  • UpYourAli

    I’m actually headed to an open air place in PR in two weeks. It’s three minutes from the beach in Cabo Rojo. Not Mexico but I’m fairly familiar with PR as it’s my 12th trip. Planning on renting a boat to go to caracoles and also taking a paid excursion to caja de los muertos.

  • Helianthea

    Without knowing your price-range, it’s hard to make recommendations. That being said, I would reccomend 1. Spending a night in Cancun to get your beach in and then 2. Getting a shuttle/bus or renting a car from the Cancun airport to Valladolid, which is about a two hour drive (by car) from Cancun. It’s not beach side, but it’s charming, has lots of Air BNBs, excellent food, and is a quick forty five minute drive from Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza is amazing. 3. Go back to the beach.

  • Ninjadwarf00

    Travel around Yucatán is very easy. I would be bored in tulum for few weeks I’d suggest a few days and then go to Merida (one of my favorite cities in the world) for at least a week. Progresso isn’t far if you still want to take some beach breaks and I found the people/vibe much friendlier than tulum. Of course PDC & Cozumel are very close to tulum as well and if you want to try scuba diving there’s no better place

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