• Sofinite

    TripIt. It keeps me so organised. I travel a lot and it tells me exactly when and where I’m going – flights, accomodation, transport, everything. And it automatically imports stuff from my email. Insane.

  • imroadends

    Rome2rio – looking for transport
    Google maps – also looking for transport
    Booking.com – accommodation
    Airbnb – accommodation
    Travel Spend – budget app that tracks my spending
    Polarsteps – tracks me while I travel
    Groupon – looking for local deals and discounts
    GasBuddy – finds cheap fuel
    ioverlander – great for road trips. Finds campsites and other things
    Uber/lyft – cheap transport
    Roadtrippers – can organise road trips. They just changed how their free version works and is not as good though…

  • hello_gary

    Can’t leave home with a few of the Google ones (plus more):

    1. Download Google local maps for better turn by turn guidance, travel planner, and inside look at different floors (think massive train station with floors and subfloors – this saved me multiple times). The local travel planner is a must – I would be so SOL on so many occasions if it wasn’t for this.
    2. Google Translate, download local language
    3. This one is kind of a no-brainer, but the app for the airline you’ll be flying with! If I’m in a foreign country and I have no wifi service – I can’t download that airline’s app which will allow me to watch movies while in flight!
    4. As said before, [Maps.me](https://Maps.me). Really great app, and I love looking back at my waypoints, travel plans and places years later.

    Not an app, but I bring a kick ass battery bank with me, and a rubber band for it. I charge my phone in my inside pocket and the rubber band helps the cord stay in my phone. The battery pack also doubles as a flashlight (better for camping I suppose, but still useful when I was hiking!)


    Happy travels.

  • Lodie1962

    Waze is great for local driving. It gives updated traffic Information as well as warning of accidents , construction and police ahead.
    When traveling in South Korea, you cannot beat Papago for translation and Naver and Waze for maps

  • maltodextrine

    MotionX GPS. I use it both for outdoor hiking/backpacking and for urban/international travel.
    It lets me:
    * Download offline maps for a specific area, both road and terrain
    * Mark waypoints for attractions I want to see in a city or trail.
    * Track myself, plotting a trace of everywhere I’ve gone
    * Can share my route live with friends if I want this.

    I generally use it in airplane-mode, so my phone battery lasts for several days.

    It cost only a few dollars one-time.

    I don’t have to make an account to use it and contend with their privacy policy (looking at you, maps.me)

  • Cdog411

    Hey guys, I use a lot of the apps mentioned in here too, I also made my own travel app, would be so cool if you could try it out and let me know your feedback, hopefully can make it on the list, if you would be interested in trying it then please reply to this comment, I do not want to be one of those spamming posts with links that are unwanted.

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