• Marky_Marco

    Okay so being an editor is not easy and not everybody is qualified to do it. Not only do you have to be a native speaker of the language you are editing, but you also have to know all of its spelling and grammar rules. Then you need to know something about the subject, to potentially call people on their bullshit. Finally you have to be an excellent writer, which few people are nowadays.

  • Worldwidewild

    I am a translator for 15 years already. Translating and editing/proofreading are related. If you are in the business for some time, sooner or later you get some editing and proofreading jobs. Those jobs belonged to the worst I have done in my life.


    1. Because you mostly have to polish up poor work of amateurs.
    2. Because it is one of those things anybody can do (or thinks he can do). And as soon as that is the case, the payment is horrible. For translation there is at least the burden of speaking a foreign language.

    If you have any other special skill, you better try to find something related to that and keep away from editing and proofreading.

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