Yet another permanent onebag setup

I’ve been putting this off for awhile, but alas, here’s my onebag setup. I’ve been traveling for about 8 months now with the goal of many many more, but I’ve also been using this exact setup for about half a year before I quit my job when I was trialing everything.

I use the retired Tortuga Air. It’s said to have a capacity of 27L with the option to extend it to 35L. I haven’t extended it yet, but it’s a nice option to have if I want to bring back gifts or something. I really love this bag and feel it’s a perfect size. There’s hardly anything I would change about it.

Here’s the bag all packed up: [1]( [2](

On the left is a smaller disposable water bottle. I use to have a dedicated water bottle attached via a carabiner, but I found that I’d either lose it or it’d break. Now I just buy these cheap ones and refill them for a while. On the right in the plastic bag are my [Bedrock Sandals]( I tried a bunch of different sandals before leaving and while these have a little more weight to them, they are solid and built very well. I’ve hiked volcanoes in these things. Sometimes they go in the bag, but right now I’m carry Spanish homework.

Here’s the size of the bag [on me](, a 5’9″ average build frame.

[This is my one and only outfit]( (sort of). The majority of the time, this is what I am wearing and rarely pack it away. This includes:

* Merino buff around my neck – mostly used as a sleep mask and sweat band, also sometimes as a headband to hold back my increasingly growing hair
* Uniqlo Airism Mesh tee – incredibly light, quick drying, inexpensive. I own two that are each 1.5 years old and still like new.
* Wool and Prince button down – dresses up well and works casually too, I’ve barely washed it as it never smells
* Outlier Injected Linen – I should get them tailored a little, but they’re so comfy and wear like shorts in the heat. I’ve stopped wearing shorts in most places unless it’s very hot because it seems most places I travel locals wear pants and, despite my aggressive whiteness in non-white countries, I try not to overly stand out.
* Under Armor Boxer Jock 9″ underwear
* Low cut merino socks
* New Balance Minimus shoes – painted all black

In my pockets I’ll usually carry [headphones]( and a [coin purse]( that includes bills, coins, condom (always be prepared), and a least a couple of headache relief pills that I can easily get to.

On the back of the bag, I have my [laptop compartment]( I keep this [locked up enroute]( and the lock double as my lock for hostels lockers. This was one of the few lightweight combo locks I could find that is NOT TSA approved (harder to tamper with). In this part of the bag, I carry:

* Thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th gen – great battery life, very light, I love this thing
* Light squish laptop case
* Kobo ereader with case
* External Wifi antenna – I was so sick of poor wifi reception that once I found this, I’ve been so much happier.

On the [front compartment](, I carry what I immediately need. This includes:

* [USB C 6″ cable]( with [c-to-mini adapter]( – I use velcro cable ties for everything, like here to hold it all together
* [Silicone ear plugs]( – sorry for the nasty ones in there, I should probably toss them
* Toothbrush and toothpaste
* [Lip balm, Lush’s powdered deodorant “The Gunner”, and hand sanitizer](
* [Small notebook reinforced with tape](
* [An external battery and a Uniqlo stuff windbreaker]( – both are great to have easy access to without having to open the bag itself
* A pen
* My passport, copies of passport, and extra credit cards
* My wallet also usually sits here when I’m in a cash society and don’t need cards.

And now, [the bag opened]( On the right hand side at the top holds my [rain jacket and rain cover for the bag]( Below that are [two white Eagle Creek]( compression cubes and a black one.

The [smaller white holds](

* Uniqlo Airism Mesh tank top
* Uniqlo Airism Mesh tee
* Uniqlo Airism Mesh underwear
* 2 pairs of low cut Patagonia merino socks
* 2 pairs of light weight Smartwool long length socks

In the [larger white bag I have](

* Outlier Futureworks – Dresses up a little better when needed and warmer, if needed, than the linen
* Outlier New Way shorts – for when it’s super hot, exercising, and swimming
* Outlier Linen Towel – sized medium, love this damn thing

As you can see, everything is held together by the velcro straps. When they’re not in use, I put them on the [bag’s handles](

In the large black compression sack, [I have all of my cold weather clothes](

* Arc’teryx Cerium LT Down Jacket – I upgraded from the Uniqlo one and in this case, it definitely makes a difference. Fit is better and that helps with warmth. Fill is also much better.
* Uniqlo Heattech long sleeve shirt
* Uniqlo tights
* Uniqlo gloves
* Land’s End Fleece Jacket – I usually carry a Uniqlo merino pullover, but I lost it. I picked this up for $2 at a thrift store in Guatemala and I’m very happy with it.
* Merino Cap

Now for the [left compartment of the bag]( [As seen here from top to bottom](, I carry a blue Eagle Creek toiletries bag, laptop charger, a handheld microphone (I have a hobby project where I record sounds environments where I travel), an Amazon packable day bag, a small assorted items Eagle Creek bag, foot powder, and a large assorted items Eagle Creek bag. Underneath these items, [I have a scrubba]( I hand wash everything and really like this little guy for the job.

[In my toiletries bag](, I carry:

* Extra toilet paper and Q-Tips
* A [Miswak](
* Toothpaste
* Hair product
* A [Japanese washcloth]( and bar of soap – the washcloth is great and never really needs cleaning and can be stored wet and I love bar soap for all my bodily cleaning
* Dr. Bronners soap – perfect for the Scrubba and clothes. I have about half a bottle left
* Hair net
* floss
* pills and stuff
* nail polish – because I’m so edge
* small pill bags – great for so many things like carrying small items, drugs, etc.
* Comb
* Razor
* Tweezers
* Finger and nail clippers
* Nose hair trimmer

In the [pill bag I have](

* Bandaids
* anti-diarrhea pills
* headache pills
* Liquid skin
* Nausea pills
* Melatonin
* Decongestants
* Allergy pills
* Nyquil like pills

Next moving on to the [large assorted items bag]( I fold the extra space down and [hold the ends together with carabiners](, but they’re mostly there when I need an extra. In this [I have the following](

* Extra ziplock bags
* Rubber braided clothesline
* Deet
* Surpent beard trimmer – one of my favorite items as I shave my head with it too. USB rechargeable, adjustable blade in one piece, simple and clean design
* Extra velcro straps
* Extra 6″ USB C cord with USB mini adapter
* Paper incense – I like things that smell nice
* Extra headphones and shoe strings
* Titanium spork
* 2 USBs – one with my important docs password protect, the other carrying an image of my laptop that I can flash just in case
* Condoms
* UV Water filter – does both bacteria and viruses
* Extra pens – different colors are needed when learning Spanish!
* 3 ft HDMI cable – great for hotels and Airbnbs with TVs
* Headphone splitter
* Rare earth magnets – great for sticking stuff to metal dorm bedframes

And finally, in the smaller assorted item bag, [I have](

* Sunscreen
* Needle and thread for the one color I wear
* Outlet power supply and 6″ extension cord
* Outlet universal converter

All-in-all, everything packed up with the bag weighs 10.2KG. I still haven’t been weighed, but if it came to it, I have tested and found that if I wear my colder weather clothes, I can get that weight below the 7KG limit.

This bag has everything I need from climates as cold as 15F to as warm as 120F. I’ve been going strong on this setup for a while now!

**Edit:** Wow, this is way longer than I meant for it to be. If it’s easier, [here’s an imgur album]( with all the pictures in one.

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  • axioq

    Really nice setup and we’ll worded post. I will say i hate the pants but that’s just my personal preference. If I’m wearing a button down in want a pant with a bit more structure or tailoring. Gotta show off that ass to the ladies 😉 (or whatever you’re into)

  • thatnysguy

    Nice packing list, OP! And a couple of really interesting items on there as well. How do you gind thas Miswak does it’s job? Do you go full toothbrush-less?

    And any chance of a link for where to grab that extension cord? 🙂

  • DaddyKoolAid

    It’s cool to see a list with cold weather and smarter options. A lot of lists in here are great if you plan to be based permanently on a beach in Thailand, but less flexible for those of us who don’t chase the sun.

  • blondedre3000

    This is a hell of a post, thanks man. One thing that made me laugh is you spent like $50 on a scrubba but store everything in little baggies. I’m surprised that toiletries bag hasn’t disintegrated on you yet, mine only lasted a few trips. I ended up getting a Tom Bihn spiff kit which is a bit more sturdy and easier to pack.

    I got that same extension cord off amazon but chucked it. It’s just way too bulky and cheaply made. Amazon japan has super slim extension cords that are much better that I just pair with a super slim dual USB charger.

    Not really a fan of the minimus, at least when I tried them a few years ago. You said you painted yours?

    Have you ever used: the steripen, rubber clothesline, or needle & thread?

    How long have you been travelling and over how long a period did it take you to put all this together?

    Also what would be the current equivalent of that bag? I like the size and organization/overall style.

  • costume_fan

    not to be a buzzkill on your beautifully written post, but plastic water bottles contain BPA and by refilling them, you’re breaking down the BPA in the plastic and drinking an industrial chemical that is known to imitate and halt hormone production and possibly cause cancer. Not to mention the disastrous environmental effects that using and buying plastic water bottles entails. Is denting/scratching a reusable water bottle really worse than climate degradation and ingesting chemicals? Kind of disappointed to see this after all that we know about disposable water bottles.

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